Basement Flooding Clean up Recovery

Flooded Basements Need To Be Dried Out Fast!

Our best defense against expansive water damage in a flooded basement is a quick response time!  As soon as you notice water in your Atlanta homes’ basement and see that flooding has occured, you need to pick up the phone and call our 24 hr response units!  The reason why we have service available around the clock everyday of the year is because as professionals in the basement flooding industry we know how much of a difference ever minute makes to the survival of your home and your possessions! Without having a professional enter your home to assess the flood damage and begin the water damage restoration process quickly you may fall victim to the following:

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Common Problems Caused by Basement Flooding:

There are many serious issues that stem from people not contacting a professional flood recovery team quickly enough after a flood situation.

  • Structural Damage to Your Home
  • Electrical Damage to Your Home
  • Permanent Ruining of Your Family’s Possessions That Got Wet
  • The Formulation of Mold & Mildew
  • The Need to Replace All Carpeting and Hardwood Floors
  • Contaminated Water Sitting Stagnant in Moist Crawl Spaces
  • Material Rot

The longer any Atlanta resident takes to begin the water damage restoration process, the more susceptible they are to each of the issues mentioned above.

Basement Flooding and Water Damage Restoration Services

  • We Can Direct Bill Insurance Companies
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service to Entire Atlanta Metro Area
  • Residential / Commercial / Industrial Basement Flooding Clean Up
  • Crawl Space Clean up
  • Wet Beasement Clean up
  • Carpet Removal and Restoration
  • Mold Assessment and Removal if Found
  • Drying and Restoration of Family Valuables (Possessions)
  • We Conduct Post Flood Structural Inspections
  • We Offer Post Flood Electrical Inspections
  • We Use Advanced Technology to Find Problems Where the Naked Eye Cannot See
  • We Remove Contaminated and Stagnant Water
  • We Disinfect the Entire Basement After the Flood and Water Damage
  • We Use Industrial Strength but Safe Sanitizers to Ensure 

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